Advocacy & Action for Children

Rebbecca , Australia

I currently sponsor a Child Headed family of 5 children through Joy for Children Uganda. This experience has been a real life changer for me, to know that my funds actually do make a difference in someone's life.
I receive photographs of the children as well as reports and letters, we are also able to post items to the children throught the JFC office.
Joy for Children provide great programs for educating the community and help those children who's needs are not being met.
Through Joy for Children and myself, these 5 children i sponsor, now have have a better chance at life.
They receive education, food and items they require, but most of all is that they know someone loves them and cares for them. This can change their lives.
I urge you to contact JFC and find out more about sponsoring a child or family through them.
Sponsoring a Child is like having your own children, you'll need a dedication to see them through to the end.
To watch these beautiful children grow into educated and respectable adults is the best reward.
Thank you JFCU for all your hard work.


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda