Advocacy & Action for Children

Moses Ntenga , Executive Director, Joy for Children


Mr. Moses Ntenga is the Founder & Director of Joy for Children, an advocacy & action Center championing the rights of all Children to live peacefully & without exploitation, to benefit from quality free education, to thrive in economic security, and to prosper with access to clean water, good health care, & nutrition.

With many years of experience in community building & engagement, focusing on the strength of coalitions to create change thru inclusivity & diversity, Mr Ntenga led the creation & serves as the co-chair of the 50 member Ugandan National Alliance to End Child Marriage, a response to The Elders’ call to end the practice of child marriage in one generation.

As a member of Girls Not Brides International, The National Alliance was instrumental in the adoption of Uganda’s first National Strategy on Child Marriage in a country with nearly 40% of girls under 18 married, one of the highest rates in the world. Mr Ntenga & Joy for Children designed “Girls Empower” an innovative, holistic model that directly empowers girls to stay in school which has seen promising transformation in child marriage practices in Western Uganda.

Mr. Ntenga & Joy for Children were a key instrument to bring to the attention of The World Bank serious human rights issues of exploitation and sexual violence against children that occurred during the Bank’s Uganda Transport Sector project, an action which has resulted in positive advancements including a new focus on children & women in World Bank policies & procedures, the creation of a World Bank “Task Force on Gender-based Violence”, and a review by other international development agencies of policies with a focus on these issues crucial to children’s well-being.

Since 2005, Joy for Children has advocated for non-violence & best practices in schools, legal rights for children, freedom of children from labor & exploitation, & malaria prevention & healthcare education & access thru implementation of programs with partners such as KIOS, DFID, Plan Intl, UNFPA, Equality Now, Bank Information Centre, World Vision, Global Giving, Girls Not Brides, Church of Versailles, HURINET, Raising Voices, Graca Machel Trust & The A’lani Kailani Foundation.

Mr Ntenga is firmly committed to improving lives of the most vulnerable thru Joy for Children & Communities Women & Children’s Empowerment program in the Kampala slums which has created women’s business & skills training, health insurance, child sponsorship & welfare programs, along with providing services to families with disabilities.

Mr Ntenga has served on the Uganda chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality, as Ambassador for the International Blue Cross, & Vaccine Champion for MACIS.

He has presented at & attended international conferences at The United Nations, World Bank, Girl Summit, Girls Not Brides in UK, Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Zambia, Dar es Salaam and launch in South Africa, and KIOS summits in Finland, has written on topics vital to children’s welfare and been featured in the BBC’s “On the Tea Trail with Simon Reeves”.

Mr Ntenga grew up in rural Uganda & holds a Masters in Human Rights from Makerere University, a Certificate in International Development and Social Change from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, & a certificate in Administrative Law from the Law Development Centre, Kampala, Uganda.


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda