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Prevent Violence Against Children

In an environment where government structures are weak or ineffective, it’s the responsibility of a civil society organization to stand up for children’s rights.

Ending Child Marriage

As a member of Girls Not Brides International, The National Alliance was instrumental in the adoption of Uganda’s first National Strategy on Child Marriage in a country with nearly 40% of girls under 18 married, one of the highest rates in the world.


We believe our work to promote quality education, increase primary school completion rates, and enhance the learning environment are essential in a country that has the world’s youngest population


Ending child marriage will contribute towards achieving sustainable development goals.


Children In Uganda

Since 2005, JOY FOR CHILDREN UGANDA has been championing the rights of all children to live peacefully & without exploitation, to benefit from quality free education, to thrive in economic security & justice, and to prosper with access to clean water, good health care, & nutrition.

Our Projects

Our Success lies in Our Partnerships, whether we implement multi-tasked actions as part of a large-scale targeted social impact Plan run by an international development organization, join forces with other national Civil Society organizations to affect outcomes in Ugandan society, or collaborate on our own self-designed Programs with individuals and groups who wish to lift up lives, we welcome all challenges in a spirit of Cooperation and Achievement.

Our Work

Joy for Children Uganda (JFC-U) is an advocacy and action centered organization championing the rights of children in Uganda. The organization works to see children live peacefully and benefit from quality education, enjoy gender violence-free generation, economic security, avoid child marriages and teenage pregnancies and prosper with access to clean water, good health care and nutrition. We believe that changing long-held societal practices and traditions requires a unique approach; and working closely with Parliamentarians to end child marriage is one of them.JFC-U also coordinates the Girls Not Brides Uganda (GNBU) National Alliance which aims at working with member partners to end child marriages in Uganda.