Advocacy & Action for Children


Empowering Women and Teenage Mothersis an objective of one of the first projects Joy for Children Uganda has started with in 2005. Women and girls in Kampala’s slum areas are amongst the most vulnerable groups in Uganda. JFCU is empowering them through income generating activities and trainings, amongst others.

In many countries, women and girls are not provided with the privilege of being treated equally in terms of attaining education, being trained in an income-producing field or the opportunity to work and earn wages independently as men and boys do. At Joy for children, empowering these women and teenage mothers who are often left out and discriminated against in the communities where they live is one of the things that we have prioritized this strategic period.
The Kampala Slum Women Development Project operates in the slum areas of the region including but not limited to Kivulu, Bwaise-Lufula, Bukoto-Mulimira and Mulago-triangle zone.

Our focus of intervention includes:
• Activities towards ending poverty
• Child sponsorship
• Improving health (nutrition, hygiene, etc.)
• Gender equality talks
• Training
• Savings
Additionally, for young mothers who normally are faced with a big challenge of parenting and providing for their children, we provide counseling and guidance, family planning advice, abstaining and going back to school campaigns. Training and exercises on parenting skills are also done.


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda