Advocacy & Action for Children

What We Do

Ending Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancies is amongst the top priorities of Joy for Children Uganda. Different projects are implemented following a holistic approach which includes empowering girls, mobilizing families and communities, and enforcing the implementation of laws and policies.

Promoting Education is key to the future of our children and the development of Uganda as a whole. Joy for Children Uganda works with more than 100 schools in Western Uganda aiming at increasing primary school completion rates and improving the quality of education

Empowering Women and Teenage Mothersis an objective of one of the first projects Joy for Children Uganda has started with in 2005. Women and girls in Kampala’s slum areas are amongst the most vulnerable groups in Uganda. JFCU is empowering them through income generating activities and trainings, amongst others.

Preventing Violence Against Children CHILDREN in Uganda is another focus area of Joy for Children Uganda. In an environment where government structures do neither exist nor work, it’s the responsibility of a civil society organization to stand up for children’s rights.

Working with children with disabilities is part of Joy for Children Uganda’s project implemented in Kampala’s slum areas.

Children with disabilities are amongst the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in Uganda. Discriminatory attitudes and behaviors towards children with disabilities are widespread.


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda