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Your sponsorship will make a difference in the life of a child!

Sponsorships with Joy for Children-Uganda (JFCU) offer a unique opportunity to build a lasting relationship with your sponsored child through a proven system of correspondences and exchanges.

"Educating a Child" Sponsorship: 

Millions of children in Africa live in poverty and do not attend school. Education is one of the most efficient solutions to ending the cycle of poverty. Through a sponsorship you will be able to educate and build a personal relationship with a child in Uganda.
With a contribution of $79/term (or its equivalent) for primary school, and $200/per term for secondary school, a child will be guaranteed an education. Your contribution pays for school fees, books, pens and pencils, a geometry set and uniform. Pay for the entire school year or each of three terms per year.

Communication and Reliability: 

You will receive a photograph of your sponsored child, who will send letters to you throughout the school year. You can also send letters to your sponsored child through JFCU. The personal relationships forged between sponsors and children are often life-changing.

You will receive a welcome letter from us and school reports for your sponsored child at the end of each school term. In our welcome letter, our project coordinators and their teams will inform you about Ugandan culture and education. We also believe in fostering communication and regular exchanges between sponsors and stakeholders. To that end, letters from you to local authorities will encourage their developmental efforts. And, of course, letters to sponsored children—expressing your concern for their education and their life in general—offer much-needed moral support.

Getting Started

If you wish to sponsor a child, contact us at or directly fill in the contact form below. Please send information on the type of child (gender, age range) you would like to sponsor, and our staff will promptly reply.

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Advocacy & Action for Children
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