Advocacy & Action for Children

Sara Fernandez, Nicaragua

“Working as a volunteer with JFCU was the first experience of this kind that I had in an African country,” says Sara Fernandez of Nicaragua. “It was very rewarding for me both personally and professionally, because it allowed me to learn about the extreme conditions of poverty endured by many families in Kampala."

“It was satisfying to have helped a bit in improving the lives of these families, who have many economic and social needs. It was also very gratifying to see that JFCU works every day for the welfare of poor families by implementing social projects in the slums of the capital. I know that in the future the lives of these families will improve significantly thanks to the hard work of JFCU.

“I come from a poor country in Central America, where too many families live in extreme poverty. My volunteer work with JFCU had a reciprocal result, because I could bring back to my country the lessons I learned about the problems of the families in the slums of Kampala."

“The JFCU staff, and the women and children from the slums, welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. I remember all these people fondly and carry them in my thoughts and in my heart. Thanks to this unique experience, I will always have the tools and motivation to do more volunteer work in my country and abroad.”


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda