Advocacy & Action for Children


Preventing Violence Against Children CHILDREN in Uganda is another focus area of Joy for Children Uganda. In an environment where government structures do neither exist nor work, it’s the responsibility of a civil society organization to stand up for children’s rights.

A joint report of Raising Voices and Save the Children Uganda which was published in 2005 concludes that “in overwhelming numbers, children described the rampant use of violence against them. More than 98 percent of children reported experiencing physical or emotional violence, 75.8 percent reported experiencing sexual violence, and 74.4 percent reported experiencing economic violence. For each form of violence, a significant percentage of children reported experiencing the violence at least once a week or more.” The figures are based on a study which was carried out in five districts in Uganda.

What Joy for Children Uganda is doing to prevent violence against children
• Impact assessment of infrastructure projects:
JFCU assessed the social impacts of the World Bank funded Kamwenge – Fort Portal road and helped to review safeguards protecting children from sexual abuse, child marriage, and child labour.
• Establishing of a children center:
This is a safe place for children who have become victims of violence. Affected children are encouraged to visit the center and their cases are referred to police.
• Working with schools and sensitizing communities:
JFCU is promoting a violence-free education.
• Engaging probation officers:
These officials are mainly responsible for following up cases of child abuse.


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda